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i'm a student of the Sogang Language Education Center and just want to share my experience on this little homepage.

I came to South Korea (Seoul) to learn something about other cultures and I wanted to experience an other way of living. I thought it would be a hard start for me to come alone to Korea, so I decided to do a homestay programm in the first month together with a Korean family.

At the beginning, learning Korean was very important to me. I wanted to be able to have a little daily-life related conversation with Koreans. So I started to look for Korean language schools in Seoul. Someone told me to visit the famous universities in the Sinchon (신촌) area. The three famous universities in Sinchon are Sogang University, Ehwa Womans University and Yonsei University.

I went to all three universities to get a first impression but after that, I still didn't know where to go. Of course, I looked at first for the price of the semester, but I found out that the prices were really similar. So I asked students of each language school of their opinion and found out that there is indeed a difference between each language school. Due to the fact, that I wanted to be able to have a conversation with Koreans as fast as possible to become a part of the Korean society, I followed the recommendation of the Sogang students. They told me that the emphasis of the Sogang Language Education Center is more on speaking then on writing.

After having taken two language levels here at Sogang, I can say that this is really true. After a few weeks, I was already able to talk about daily life topics in Korean. Of course, my level of speaking wasn't that high (compared to natives) but it still made me happy that I was able to talk about little things. And it really makes a difference if you approach Koreans by speaking in their mother tongue.

Most of the time,the people really appreciate if you try to talk in their language. Even old people really like if you try to talk in Korean to them. It definitely makes a difference.

And of course, it's fun to learn Korean. The classmates are really from all over the world. Before I came to Korea, I didn't expect to meet students from the Middle East or Africa. But still, I think, among the students, the number of Japanese and Chinese students is really high. Nevertheless, European and American students are there as well.

Even if the classmates are from all over the world - the atmosphere in class is very good. When I compare it to the time when I was a highschool student, I can say that there's a huge difference. The time in highschool was fun, but studying was really not interesting. Studying at Sogang is the total opposite. It's so fun to practice daily-life related dialogues and you learn a lot about the actual Korean daily life. The teachers are also always motivated and really kind. Due to those fact, I can really use my acquired knowledge directly and that way, I was able to made Korean friends. Besides, to give you a little bit of extra information, if you come every day to school, you'll get a nice price at the end of the term ^-^!

So if you are interested in learning Korean, I really recommend Sogang University - you will have a great time here~!

About Sogang University

The Sogang University was founded in 1960. As you can see, Sogang University is very young and that's why the structure of Sogang is very modern. The university and the campus are located in the Sinchon area, so you can reach Sogang very easily by bus or subway. Even though the Sinchon area is famous for bars and pubs - the campus is very quiet and surrounded by flowers and trees. Especially during the spring, cherryblossom trees and flowers are in a full bloom!

The atmosphere is very friendly and even if you are a foreigner you will find friends quickly. The numerous student clubs (동아리) are a good possibility to try various things like  sports, musical activities or theatergroups and you can meet Korean students. These days, about 15.000 students are studying in Sogang University! The Sogang campus includes 31 buildings at a space of 50 acres. Amongst others, there is the Sogang Korean Language Education Center - the famous school of Korean language.

Seats are free!
The Sogang education is based on the catholic belief and the traditional korean education.
However, the University is open for everyone!
A lot of exchange students from all over the world are studying here at Sogang University. Of course the students must be able to speak English to a certain level when they want to enter Sogang, but the Korean language is still necessary for the daily life.